Cave Club Committees

The club has many official and non-official committees, some which are maintained all semester and some which arise for a particular event. We encourage everyone, especially trainees, to join a committee to help make our club run more smoothly so we can have more fun! This is a great way to support the club, get more involved, and get to know us better.

Read the “official” explanation of our committees in the Constitution here.


This committee consists of the officers, the Safety and Techniques chairperson, and anyone else appointed by the president. It is chaired by the president.

Committee Chairperson: Phillip Moneyhun (note: this will email the entire committee, if you just want the president email


President: Phillip Moneyhun

Vice President: Eric Hahn

Treasurer: Caitlyn “River” DeGrace

Secretary: Kellen Levinson


Safety and Techniques

This is the club’s most important committee. It is responsible for communicating current safe caving practices to the members, handling reports of unsafe caving practices, and maintaining club equipment used for cave rescue. Members are good people to talk to about anything related to caving. Membership is automatically extended to present and past vice presidents.

Committee Chairperson: Chris Garguilo


This committee keeps us informed of local conservation issues, organizes cave and sinkhole clean-ups, and encourages us to cave with conservation in mind.

Committee Chairperson: Taren Woelk


This committee is responsible for organizing our annual awards banquet. This includes finding a place to hold the banquet, arranging for the meal, mailing invitations, decorating the dining area, lining up a program, and many other duties.

Committee Chairperson: Aaron Thomas


This committee helps get the word about our club out around campus. This includes organizing special events, creating and distributing fliers and table tents, and anything else which announces our club so interested students can find us.

Committee Chairperson: Will Borin

Project and Program

This committee is responsible for finding and arranging programs and presentations at meetings. If you have a program and want to show it to the club, or if you have some ideas but want to talk it out, please contact the committee chairperson.

Committee Chairperson: Rowan Berman


This is basically the club store. For specific gear requests, pricing info, or any other info about the store, please contact the committee chairperson.

Committee Chairperson: Phillip Moneyhun

Club Publications

This committee produces The Tech Troglodyte at the end of spring semester. Please feel free to send articles, artwork, photos, cartoons, or anything else you feel is appropriate for the Trog. Please check with the editor before spending lots of time on a questionable project!

Committee Chairperson (Editor): Kellen Levinson


This committee keeps track of, maintains, and repairs club equipment (helmets, lights, etc.).

Committee Chairperson: Kyle Daniel