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Meetings are open to anyone interested in learning about caves and caving.

We meet at 7:00pm in Smyth 146 on the Virginia Tech campus every Friday night during the regular semesters.

Exceptions are during Spring and Winter breaks, and during final exams.

Most cave trips are planned at the meetings, so…

Attending a meeting is the best way for a student to get underground!

The trip leader will announce the cave, the expertise level, what you’ll need to bring, and the time and place of departure for the trip. If you cannot attend a meeting but want to go caving, please email the club’s vice president. Some trips we lead are for groups, or are with groups. Take a look at some other grottos that we spend time underground with.

Email the Vice President – vp@vpicaveclub.org – asking about trips if you are unable to attend a meeting

Many meetings include a caving-related program. These are often slide shows of recent caving excursions. This is a great chance to see what caving has to offer in other states and even other countries.

Join the LISTSERV to stay up to date on club events and information.

About the VPI Grotto

We are an official student grotto (club) of the National Speleological Society (NSS). Our goal is to promote interest in and to advance the science of speleology, to promote conservation of caves and safety in their exploration, and to encourage fellowship among Virginia Tech students and alumni interested in caving.

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The VPI Cave Club has been around for over 75 years.

About Caving

Caving is done for scientific research or just for fun! There are lots of things to see underground which you won’t see anywhere else. Cave formations known as “pretties” cover the ceiling and floors in many colors and shades. Caving can involve climbing, crawling, chimneying, and even rappelling. Plus there’s several types of cave trips: “sport” caving, surveying, and photo trips. Each cave and cave trip offers a unique experience.

Let us take you into this fascinating underground world and teach you how to enjoy this hobby safely and with respect for the cave environment. There are lots of caves to visit within a short drive from the Virginia Tech campus.

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“Take Nothing but Pictures, Leave Nothing but Footprints, Kill Nothing but Time” – NSS Motto